Jun 19, 2012

Danish filmschool crossmedia computer game just had premiere!

During the winter 2011/12 i worked on a crossmedia computer game at the danish filmschool, and it finally had its premiere last friday! :) It was a really great feeling watching some of my work on a big screen and to try out the game afterwards.

The game is about a girl who wants to find out what her father did for PET (Danish Secret Intelligence Agency) during the cold war. Its kind of a selfbiography from the director of the game. You play it on your computer, but you use your iPhone (or Android phone) as a controller. Works quite nice. :)

I did character modelling and rigging on this project. I modelled the "Dad" and rigged him. Also modelled and rigged the legs for the rest of the characters, execpt the main character. Besides that i did some prop modelling and texturing aswell. The game was made in the Unity engine, which was a new challenge for me in both modelling and rigging. I learned alot about doing thing more simple and restricting my work to what Unity could handle. All in all a really great experience, and a fantastic team to work with :)

The game isnt out there for everyone to try yet, but you can take a look at it at it here: www.ydersthemmeligt.dk

And not to forget! The fantastic rewiev from Politikken: ;)