Dec 27, 2012

DADIU Graduation game: Cantrip released!

The end product of my 5th semester is finally out and available for play!

After 6 weeks of hard work together with some awesome people from team 4 (Sons of Sam) at DADIU we can present our game to the public. The game is a black and white 3d puzzle adventure, where you play as a little orphan boy who tries to rescue his sister from an evil witch. The setting is in a dark scrapyard, where the witch curses the boy with magnetism, which he now has to use to solve the various puzzles. The game visuals are heavily inspired by Tim Burton and gives a dark and spooky atmosphere.

My role in the making of this game was mostly modelling and unwrapping of a large amount of props and rigging of the characters. Which pressured me to learn a lot about rigging, not just in general, but also for Unity 3d. The modelling part also proved a small challenge as I had to keep the polycount as low as possible for the game to have a smooth performance. I also got to make a few animations on both the main character and the dog.

All in all it was a great experience, with some awesome people and we had a lot of fun making this game. We were all extremely happy about the reception the game got by the critics both at the graduation and after.

Try the game out here and check my "Projects" page for more details:

Hopefully we can take this game further and ind the end release it commercially. :)